About Us - Trailer Kings

CJG Sourcing Limited trading as Trailer Kings is a proudly Irish-based company founded by a small team with a simple ambition – To provide high quality catering trailers at the best possible prices to aspiring business owners in Ireland, the UK, and beyond. 

Despite being a small team, we are positioned with the perfect degree of expertise to enable us to understand your needs as a customer. Having had a lot of experience in customer facing businesses in Ireland, the UK, and abroad, Trailer Kings understand the unique challenges a business can face and can help you overcome these at every step. 

As a team, we hold complete oversight of our product production process including hands-on testing through our engineering team. This ensures a level of quality that others simply cannot match. Trailer Kings direct approach and business experience also allows us the opportunity to offer a price point that other companies can’t compete with at the same quality level. 

So, whatever your needs, give us a call today and we will be happy to work with you and invest our expertise in your future success.


Our mission is a simple one. Provide aspiring and established businesses with the best quality trailers possible, and at the most affordable price without compromise.


Developing the business and entire industry through the coming years in a sustainable manner that produces success for our customers.